Ways for Parents to Help Siblings Become Friends


Ways for Parents to Help Siblings Become Friends

Parents who have multiple children want those children to get along. Here are some ways for parents to help siblings become friends. Try some of these suggestions out to see what works the best for you. and be friends.

ways for parents to help siblings become friends
Treat Kids Fairly: When kids believe that their parents are treating them the same like their siblings parents receive the same level of affection, praise, and respect. When kids notice a parent’s attention has decreased from what they show to a sibling, not only do they show more symptoms of depression but their relationships with their siblings become horrible. Make sure not to treat your kids any different and your children will not feel horrible about themselves.
Emotion Coaching: Teaching your children how to identify, monitor, evaluate, and modify their emotional reactions to their siblings and have them work it out. The goal to this is to help teach children to de-escalate frustrating episodes. Emotions can lead to aggression in a frustrating state and things can turn violent.
Respect for Others: Make a house rule that no disrespectful verbal words or physical violence will be allowed. Make sure to teach them how to ask before taking something that belongs to a sibling and to return it in the same condition they took it in the first place. Most siblings do not let their other siblings touch anything that belongs to them but if you teach this to them early they can learn to ask and receive.
Transfer Responsibility: Instead of stepping in to help solve the problem, have your children figure it out for themselves. For example, if your children are fighting over a toy have them discuss how to share it instead before things get out of hand.
Stay the Course: It may be hard but you have to remember to keep going even when things seem like they are not working. Sibling conflict will never go away completely so follow these tips and remember to keep trying and to not give up so soon.

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