Valentine’s Day Crafts for Kids



There are so many crafts for kids to do for Valentines’ Day. Remember the fortune teller? You fold paper and write messages. Put your fingers in and play. This was always fun. Cut a piece of 8 ½ x 11 paper until it is 8 ½ x 8 ½. Fold in half to make a crease.  Turn and fold again so when you open it looks like an X. Write a “fortune”, number, message or whatever in each corner. Turn paper over and write another message (I love you, You are Wonderful, etc.). Fold corner towards middle of paper. Then, turn over and fold corners into middle. Flip over and fold into squares. Once all creases are formed, slip thumb and finger into each corner to fluff. Then tell someone’s fortune and have fun.


Valentine's Day Crafts for Kids


Kids and yarn always go together. You can take an old wire hanger, cut off hook then bend into heart shape. Take any color of yarn and wind around metal frame. Leave the last yarn piece to make the hanger. This is a real easy craft for any age.

 Valentines Day Crafts for Kids often include-Construction paper, glue, stickers, scissors and markers are available inexpensively at the dollar store. Set up the table and let them have fun. They can make cards for their friends, family or just Mom and Dad. These are always treasured by grandma too. Anything homemade is better than a purchase any day.

Candy is always a favorite. Take kisses and glue them to a colorful piece of construction paper and write a message.

Any expression of love doesn’t have to be expensive or time consuming. To be remembered is the main goal. To show love and appreciation is well worth the effort and kids can learn to do that at any age.

Enjoy time spent with your children making a fun craft to show love on Valentines’ Day. Make sure to come back and leave a comment as to what Valentine’s Day craft you did with your kids?

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