Using Cosmetic Fillers to Reduce the Signs of Aging


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Using Cosmetic Fillers to Reduce the

Signs of Aging

cosmetic fillers

Nowadays, many global pharmaceutical companies are starting to invest into production of different medical fillers that are used to eliminate process of aging. This comes as a no surprise. Unlike some diseases, that affect only certain individuals, aging is something that we all need to go through sooner or later. As such, these cosmetic fillers can be regarded as universal products usable by anyone. If you also add the fact that fillers are showing excellent results leaving no chemical residue in the body, you get a winning combination.

These drugs are primarily used to reduce folds and wrinkles appearing on patient’s face. They are commonly used for the area around the lips and lips themself but there are some products that allow us to remove wrinkles from jaw, cheeks, neck and cleavage. Scientists are constantly trying to find new uses for these drugs and increase their efficiency. Among other things, it is possible to hide scars and acne by using cosmetic fillers.

When it comes to these products, term medicines can be used in a broadest sense because they can be primarily regarded as supplements. After receiving a shot of Stylage, level of hyaluronic acid in your body dramatically increases. This substance is one of the most important matters in our body being present in connective tissue and dermis. Within dermis it has important role of keeping water inside. This process gives skin volume and moist. The reason why older people get wrinkles is because body cannot produce enough hyaluronic acid. Without it, gaps start appearing in skin showing depletion of hyaluronic acid. By using Stylage and similar products, we are able to replenish this natural matter and restore volume to our skin.

There is a good reason why cosmetic fillers became so popular in a short amount of time. Unlike other cosmetic treatments, this one uses only natural components. Hyaluronic acid is always based on an organic substance which means that the final product will be very similar to matter produced in our body. By injecting substance that is akin to our own, we are ensuring that the body will receive it properly, without any side effects or long term residue. In fact, fillers can be regarded as one of the least harmful drugs available on the market. According to Doctor Medica, these medicines have exhibited minimal complications.

Another good thing about fillers is the treatment itself. Entire process can be done in 10 minutes and it doesn’t require and prior preparation. This makes it very practical. Patient doesn’t require any allergy test before taking Stylage. Fine needles are used for treatment making it painless. As if that wasn’t enough, drug has anesthetic inside. After treatment, patient should put ice pack on face to prevent potential swelling or redness. Activities that may dehydrate the face are forbidden.

As previously mentioned side effects are minimal when you use these drugs. Sometimes, patient will experience irritation of face, redness, swelling and bruising. Luckily, these problems usually disappear in a week.

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