Useful Laundry Room Hacks



Useful Laundry Room Hacks

It seems that the laundry room is the one spot in the home that doesn’t seem to stay organized. Here are some useful laundry room hacks.

Useful Laundry Room Hacks

Shower Rod– Hanging a shower rod in your laundry room, either in a corner or over the clothes dryer to provide you with a place to hang clothes right from the dryer to prevent wrinkling.

Above the Shelf– Most of the time, areas above the shelf serve the only purpose of collecting dust bunnies. Put this space to use to store soap, dryer sheets, etc. to keep them well-organized.

Hanging Drying Rack– A hanging drying rack is ideal for small laundry rooms. They are out of the way and are easily accessible for clothes that require air drying.

Pull Out Drying Rack– A pull out drying rack is a great option, especially for sweaters. All you have to do is pull it out when needed and push it in when not in use.

Sock Hanger– So, what is a sock hanger you ask? It is a spot to display lone socks. Use a wire clothes hanger with clothespins to showcase those lonely socks whose twin gets lost in dryer land.

Picture Frame Picture frames are ideal for displaying special instructions like stain removal instructions.

Rolling Cart– You know that area in-between the washer and the dryer? Why not utilize that space with a rolling cart to store fabric softener?

Curtains– Use pretty curtains to hide the washer and the dryer. It makes that area look neat and organized.

Jars– Use clear jars to collect all that spare change that you find in pants pockets. You will be surprised how much change can add up over time.

Over the Door Rack– Hang an over the door rack in back of your laundry room door to store items that you will use for cleaning.

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