Top Ways That Parents Destroy Their Child’s Self-Esteem

Top Ways That Parents Destroy Their Child’s Self-Esteem


As parents, we want to do what is best for our children. However, there are some things we may do that will not help our children and their self-esteem. Learn about some of the top ways that parents destroy their child’s self-esteem.


Parent Causing Low Self Esteem

Do Not Put Them Down


Something that may seem easy to you may not seem so easy to your child. When you tell them that they can do something because it is easy, you may think you are encouraging and motivating them. However, if they find that something is not easy, they may then think that they have some sort of developmental problem.

Do Not Do Everything for Them

Many parents believe that by doing everything for them, they are showing them love. However, by not allowing them to do some things on their own, you are basically taking away the opportunity for them to develop skills that they may need later in life. It is important to give them the opportunity for them to feel satisfied when they have accomplished something on their own..

Do Not Compare Them to Others


One of the worse things a parent can do is to compare them to their other children. This chips away at their self-worth. Some adults do this is because they want help their troubled child to be more like a sibling in manners and characteristics. When this comparing of siblings happens over a long period of time, it can bring about resentment, anger, and other undesirable behaviour.

Do Not Continuously Remind Them About Their Mistakes


They are going to make mistakes; everyone does. When they have done something wrong, make it your job to discuss their actions and the outcome. By doing so, you will help to ensure that their actions were not acceptable and possibly avoid a re-occurrence. Don’t look for perfection either, as no one is perfect.

Praise Them When They Do Something Good


They need to be praised when they do something good.. If they don’t get any praise from their parents, they may begin to think that nothing they do is ever good enough. Kids who are praised for their efforts and accomplishments tend to have a positive attitude and a cheerful outlook about things in general.

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