Tips on Getting a Child to Eat


Tips on Getting a Child to Eat

As children grow, it’s natural for them to learn to asset independence. One of their favorite places to try it is at mealtime. Few things are more frustrating than having a child refusing to eat something they’ve eaten a dozen times before. Whether it prepared the same way or the weather has changed or just because. they may refuse to eat.

tips on getting a child to eat

 We had a pretty nasty stretch of time with one of our kids. During this stretch, he would basically eat chicken, plain pasta or a few select fruits and veggies. After cooking chicken just about every way imaginable, we started to get a little creative.

One night we had ham and told him it was “pink chicken” and to our shock, it worked! From there it was things like feeding him venison at grandma’s and telling him she had made bat wings for Halloween.  If you happen to have small children who are just learning to feed themselves, follow these simple tips on getting a child to eat

Simple Tips on Getting a Child to Eat

• Kids learn what they see – The first and most important thing to teaching your kids to eat well is to lead by example. If they see you eating a variety of foods and trying new things, they will copy you. Make it fun, pretend they are crazy things, keep them interested in trying new flavors.
• Eat at home as much as possible – There are many reasons for this and studies have shown that eating together at the table is important. Life is hectic and every changing, having some form of stability means a lot to a family.
• Involve your children in the meal planning – This means to help with the shopping, prepping the meals, and cleaning up as well. This is teaching them good habits for when they reach adulthood. It also gives them an opportunity to choose one or two of their favorite foods from the grocery store. Take extra time to  wander around the store a little and look for new things to try. Use it as time to explain budgeting and reward good behavior.
• Stock the cabinets with food they will eat – Make sure you purchase items that they will eat. I mean within reason. Purchase foods that are high in protein and rich in vitamins and nutrients. Avoid too much junk food. Remember that it is you paying for the stuff, therefore make it as healthy as you want it to be.
• Set Expectations – If you don’t want the kids running crazy around the restaurant, you can’t let them do it at home. Meals are a time for talking, sharing experiences and being together. Laughing and having fun is good but getting out of hand should not happen at all. Be consistent in what you expect of them.

The more you make meals a fully involved experience, the more likely you are to have success in getting a child to eat.  You will also  set them up for a lifetime of enjoying meals and togetherness.

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