Tips for Helping Your Teen Find a Summer Job


Tips for Helping Your Teen Find a Summer Job


Teenagers need help at times and this is especially true when they are searching for a summer job. Having a summer job provides your teen with spending money, responsibility and work experience. Here are some great tips for helping your teen find a summer job.

Tips for Helping Your Teen Find a Summer Job

Encourage Them to Apply Early– If your teen waits until the last day of school to apply for a summer job, they will quickly discover that most of the jobs are already filled. In fact, many of the summer jobs for teenagers are filled by the middle of May.

Point Out the Job-Searching Websites– In order for your teen to get a summer job, they need to know where to look for one. The first spot they should look is in the employment classified section of the local newspaper. The guidance office in their high school oftentimes have summer job resources for teens looking for a summer job. The World Wide Web is also loaded with resources where your teen can look for a summer job, such as Craigslist, Monster, Indeed and Career Builder.

Help Them to Get Organized– Before your teen can apply for a summer job, there are some things they will need to have handy, especially for the job application. They will need their birth certificate, social security number, school contact information, contact information for past jobs and contact information for references.

Help Them to Prepare for An Interview- One of the most nerve-wreaking parts of summer job searches for teens in the job interview. You can help them by reviewing some potential questions and answers they might encounter in the interview. Some interview questions they may be asked include: Why are you interested in this job? What days and hours are you available to work? Why do you think you are qualified for this job? Have you had a job before and if so, what did you like and dislike about the job?

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