The Student from Cooper Town Elementary School – A Review


The Student from Cooper Town Elementary School is a children’s book written by Jessica H. Michel and is about a young gouldian finch student teacher named Alex Donello who teaches first grade younger lady gouldian finches about the alphabet, shapes, colors, and calendar, which are, of course, regular circle time activities.

The book is beautifully illustrated and contains 3500 words. I received the link to view the book online for this book review.

It is a story that is much more in-depth that the simpler, shorter stories from those that were used in primary school when my own children were young. Here you will learn about the classroom activities as instructed by Alex Donello all taking place during circle time. The younger lady gouldian finches learn about the alphabet through the use of animals and insects that start with that particular letter.

The calendar is taught to them by playing “Which Door Am I Behind” and shapes are taught by choosing various things that are found within the classroom. As each day goes by more alphabets, colors and shapes are introduced. At the end of the fifth day, the young gouldian finches, the alphabet animal characters and others join together to complete the circle.

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