The Perks of Renting College Textbooks


Disclaimer- This is a sponsored post on behalf of Campus Book Rentals. I received compensation for helping to create awareness about this invaluable program.  All opinions expressed are entirely my own.

Campus Book Rentals

The Perks of Renting College Textbooks

By now, some if not all of college aged students have settled in for the new school year. Classes have been assigned and college students are now settled into their classes. Parents of college aged students are thinking about ways to save on the high cost of college textbooks. We all know that college kids often do not think about the high costs. Well, I want to tell you about a fantastic program that enables college students to get the textbooks that they need for their courses at a fraction of the cost.

Now, that I have your interest, I will tell you about the program. It is called Campus Book Rentals. That’s the way to save on the high cost of new textbooks that are only used for one semester. There are several perks for college students and their parents who choose to enroll in a program such as this one. They are as follows;

  • Flexible Renting Periods
  • Free Shipping Both Ways
  • Can Highlight In The Textbooks
  • Save 40-90% Off Of Bookstore Prices

Giving Back to The Community with Campus Book Rentals

When college students enroll in the program and rent their college textbooks from Campus Book Rentals, they also give back to the community. Are you wondering how that works? Well, you see with every rental, CBR donates part of the proceeds to Operation Smile.

Operation Smile helps children from the United States and around the world by giving them a reason to smile. The Operation Smile network chooses a child who has been born with some kind of facial deformity and connects with a plastic surgeon and other similar professionals who perform the much needed surgery on the child to correct the facial deformity. You can find out more about Operation Smile here.

So think strongly about renting college textbooks from Campus Book Rentals. Saving money will make you smile and you will give a needy child a reason to smile as well!

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