Teaching Social Skills to a Homeschooler


Teaching Social Skills to a Homeschooler

The first question that parents get asked when they tell people they are planning on homeschooling their children is “How will your child get their social skills?” This is due to the fact that many people in society are under the assumption that children who are homeschooled are alone and isolated all day long. However, this isn’t always the case and it really doesn’t have to be this way. Here are some ways to teach social skills to your homeschooler.

Teaching Social Skills to A Homeschooler

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Find Homeschoolers in Your Area– Find out who is being homeschooled in your area. This way, your kid at least has one thing in common with potential new friends. You can check online, the library or your church to find other homeschoolers in your immediate vicinity. You can also try putting up your own ad on trusted billboards where you live.

Join Local Groups– Registering your homeschooled children with a local group such as the 4-H Club, can provide them with the essential peer interaction that they need. If 4-H isn’t the right group for your child, look into other groups in your area that are based on their interests like dance clubs, rocket clubs or environmental groups.

Locate Local Sport Teams– For sports lovers out there, check out the local sports teams. The majority of these teams can be located through the parks and recreation department. By signing your homeschooled child up for the team they are interested in, they will have the opportunity to be social with other children of their own age group. They will have a common interest and that is the love of their chosen sport.

Engage in Volunteer Work– Volunteer opportunities not only provides your child with interaction, but this will allow your child to give back to the community. They will feel good about making a difference in someone else’s lives. Local homeless shelters, animal shelters and nursing homes are the ideal place to start and are usually always in search of volunteers.

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