Supporting Your Child Through Gender Identification Issues

   Supporting Your Child
Through Gender Identification Issues


Everyone is born either a male or a female and throughout life, most people continue in their assigned gender role. However, there are some people that don’t have a clear path when it comes to birth sex and gender identity. Some kids may start to display signs that they identify with the opposite sex rather than their own. Learning about supporting your child through gender identification issues can make life struggles easier on them.

Supporting your child through gender identification issues

Here is an example; your daughter may start playing with action figures instead of dolls or your son may want to start wearing clothes that are more on the feminine side. If your child is experiencing gender identification issues, there are some things you can do to help support them.

Accept Them for Who They Are

First and foremost, it is important that no matter which gender your child associates with, you should be there to give them as much acceptance and support as possible. They are going to chose whichever gender makes them happy and as parents, all we really want is for our kids to be happy.

Avoid Negative Statements

The last thing you want to do is to hurt their feelings, so avoid any negative statements in conversation. Telling them that they are only going through a phase will only send them a message that they do not know themselves. Remember to support them with positive responses and actions whenever possible.

Have Open Communication Lines

It is important that the both of you take this journey together. Therefore it is important that you speak to them often. Be there for them with open ears and an open mind. Good communication is the key to a satisfying relationship.

Do Not Exclude Them from Things

Sometimes parents will be embarrassed by their child’s appearance and actions that they begin keeping them away from social functions. This can be judged as you being ashamed of them.

Parenting is definitely a challenge and a learning curve. Enjoy the time you spend with your children no matter their sexual preference or gender. They do not stay young forever and most childhood memories should be happy ones!

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