Slacklace- A Revoluntionary Lace for the Young and Young at Heart- A Review


I recently received a product that most of us use on an everyday occurrence or have done so at one point in our lives. Just what is this product you may ask? Shoelaces! Well, not really shoelaces as we know them. Slacklace! Slacklace is kind of shoelace that has an innovative twist.

Here is a look at what Slacklace’s look like;

What makes Slacklace so different from the normal, everyday cotton shoelaces that have used for many years is the fact that these are as flexible as you are!

And we all know what it is like to be in a rush to go somewhere fast or are tired of struggling to get those stiff and unyielding laces undone. Or even having to double knot them in order to stop them from coming undone. With Slacelace, there is no need to even do a double knot. Which, of course, is a great benefit when used on a young child’s shoes.

There are also many health benefits for those who have foot health problems. Slacklace will help to improve the circulation in your feet, eliminate banding and also relieve pressure points. Just this fact alone make it a perfect gift for seniors or for those that have foot problems.

Slacklace’s are perfect for the young and young at heart! They are used by professional athletes, as well as those who like to run, bike, or exercise too! There are many colors that you can choose from, from the basic black and white, to colors that are bold and bright!

For my product review, I chose the white pair as the laces in my white runners surely looked like they needed replacing. In fact, the laces that are in there now are double-tied cotton laces, that look like they have seen better days. For those that are more flamboyant, the Slacklace’s come in many more colors than just black and white. You can also choose from purple, red, green, yellow, blue, pink and hot pink. These colors will suit all attire, whether it is for business or pleasure.

There are three lengths of Slacklace’s that you can choose. The regular, the skate length or the high top shoes. No matter what size you choose, you will pay one price for your selection.

Slacklace’s make it easy to remove your shoes in a matter of seconds. Why not check out how flexible they really are for yourself? They can be found at

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