Save Money with Campus Book Rentals


College kids often spend some of their money on textbooks. These textbooks can be rather expensive, especially if they are brand new. Thankfully, there is a way for them to save money on the high cost of textbooks, and that is by using Campus Book Rentals for the books that they need.

Campus Book Rentals

Did you know that with Campus Book Rentals you can save at least more than 40% off of the cost of books and even at much as 90%. Renting books with Campus Book Rentals offers students much more versatility in regards to renting textbooks from them. Free shipping both ways, you can highlight in the textbooks, and you can even choose the rental period that you want. What could be any easier!

Another great thing about Campus Book Rentals is the fact that they also donate some of the proceeds from book rentals to Operation Smile. Operation Smile helps children who are afflicted with facial malformations. They often cover the expenses of the surgery and any necessary medications. Operation Smile gives kids back their smile.

I know that these two programs are beneficial to children, youths, and young adults. But wait, did you know that Campus Book Rentals also have YET another program………….this one is called Rent Back. Rent Back offers college students a change to earn money by lending their used textbooks out to students who either have to purchase the text books new or second hand. With RentBack students can earn anywhere from 2-4 times more that other buy back options. Visit Rent to find out more.

Make sure to stop by Campus Book Rentals and check out just what their program is all about. It is a great way to save some money, help out a great cause, and also save yourself some money in the long run.

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