Parenting is a job in itself. From the moment of conception until we no longer are here in a physical form there is always something to learn. Becoming a parent evokes a lot of emotions that reach a wide spectrum. Being a parent is not easy, but then what in life really is. There will be ups and downs, happiness and sadness, frustration, disbelief, surprise, anxiety, wonderment, awe, and a whole lot of other emotions that you can fathom.

Each child is unique and adapting to changes within the relationship can sometimes become overwhelming. Dealing with a crying baby, temper tantrums, the first day of school or the rebellious teen, or many more scenarios can result in smiles as well as disappointment. Let’s not even talk about the few grey hairs along the way!

Here are some parenting tips and information that may help you get over any hurdles that you may be facing or perhaps even enlighten you before a situation arises.

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