Ninja Turtle Cake Tutorial


The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles have been a favorite of kids and grown-ups alike for decades. They sometimes come in and out of popularity and now is definitely an “in” time. With the release of the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie, there are certain to be lots of children requesting Ninja Turtle themed birthdays and celebrations! This tutorial is great for a simple Ninja Turtle Cake for that special party. For more party guests, add matching cupcakes!


Supplies & Ingredients:

• 8” round cake (two layers thick) ready to decorate

• cupcakes ready to decorate – I used blue, orange, red, and purple wrappers to match masks

• green butter cream frosting

• prepared fondant in blue, orange, red, purple, white, and black

• black decorating gel

• small candy eyes

• silicone rolling pin

• parchment paper

• xacto knife (for cutting the fondant)

• frosting knife



Begin by covering the cupcakes and cake with a fairly thick but smooth layer of green butter cream frosting. You can run the knife under hot water and use it to carefully smooth the frosting. It does not have to be perfect but the finished product will look best if it is applied smoothly.

Carefully roll out the various colors of fondant to cut for masks for the turtle cupcakes and cake. I like to roll it onto parchment paper as it keeps it from sticking to the counter or other surface and it rolls out very smooth.

Once rolled out, cut small strips for the eye masks of the turtles. The tie of the mask can be created by cutting a V from the strip and carefully pinching it and twisting at the same time.

The eye mask for the cake is created the same way but with a much larger piece.

Use a small amount of frosting to add the candy eyes to each cupcake.

For the eyes on the cake, cut two ovals from the white fondant and two small circles for the pupils from the black. Attach to fondant eyes with a small amount of butter cream frosting.

Add the simple detail of the mouth to each cupcake using the black decorating gel.

For the mouth of the cake, draw a large open mouth with the black decorating get. Add a small piece of red fondant to the mouth for the tongue.

The cake and cupcakes are complete!

For another great party treat, check out our tutorial for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Cookies! I am sure that they will be a great accompaniment for your celebration.



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