Kitchen Organization Hacks


Kitchen Organization Hacks


The kitchen is the one room in the house where we never seem to have enough room to store what needs to be stored. It doesn’t matter how big this room is or how many kitchen cabinets we have; storage issues will be a problem from time to time. Here are some great kitchen organization hacks.

Kitchen Organization Hacks

Magnets– Magnets can be useful for organizing spices and for storing knives.

Magazine Racks– Magazine racks are ideal for organizing things inside the freezer. Just turn them onto their sides and place them in the freezer to store items that are flat like frozen pizzas.

Cutting Boards– Cutting boards are a great way to save counter space, especially over the sink cutting boards. These are designed to save counter space and they also provide a way to slice, chop or dice fruits and vegetables without getting juices and peels everywhere.

Ceiling Hangers– If you find that you don’t have adequate storage room for pots and pans, try hanging them from the kitchen ceiling. Ceiling hangers make an organized way to store pots and pans and also make a stylish decoration for your prized cookware.

Center Islands– By adding a center island to your kitchen, you can quickly and easily add some organization and functionality to the area. A kitchen island serves a dual purpose: a place to consume meals and additional storage space.

Tension Rods– Tension rods can be placed under the sink and can be used to hang bottles of cleaning supplies.

Shoe Holders– You know those plastic over the door shoe racks that are probably in your bedroom? Well they can be ideal for storing items. Just place one in your pantry or behind your kitchen door and use it to store things like snacks, straws and taco seasoning packets.

Desk Organizers– Did you know that desk organizers can also be used to help with kitchen organization? These organizers can be used for organizing cookie sheets as well as cutting boards.

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