Indoor Play Date Ideas for Preschoolers


Indoor Play Date Ideas for Preschoolers

Play dates are the perfect opportunity for preschoolers to flex their social skills. However, it is important that you have some cool activities planned for them so they don’t get bored or agitated.

Indoor Play Date

Break out the Play-Doh- What kid doesn’t love playing with Play-Doh? This stuff can keep even the wildest kids occupied for hours on end. You don’t even need those fancy accessories to go along with the Play-Doh since kids will be happy with some cookie cutters and plastic knives.

Alphabet Scavenger Hunt- If the kids recognize at least some letters of the alphabet, they will love having an alphabet scavenger hunt. Have them find things that start with each letter of the alphabet. For instance, for the letter A they can find an apple, for the letter B they can find a bear and so on.

Build a Fort- Preschoolers love building things so why not have them build a huge fort in the middle of the living room or playroom. All you need for this activity is a bunch of couch cushions, sheets and blankets.

Make Paper Airplanes- While this is not exactly a long activity, it is still one that is entertaining. You can look up online how to build paper airplanes but it is quite easy to do. You can have the kids color their creations or attach stickers to them.

Have a Lego Contest- Legos have been around for a long time and kids love playing and building with them. If you have a ton of Legos, this is a great activity for kids to engage in. You can have a contest to see who build that highest tower or the most colorful animal.

Have Dress Up Time- Preschoolers have a cool imagination so they love to play dress up. All you need is a bin full of dress up clothes and let the kids have a go at it. They will use their imaginations to dress up as whatever they wish such as a princess, doctor or police officer.

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