ikiki Shoe Review


Disclaimer- I received these products for review purposes.

All opinions expressed are entirely my own.

ikiki Shoe Review

I recently was sent infant shoes made by ikiki for review purposes. I was quite surprised at the quality of these products. For those of you who are looking for walking shoes or booties for an infant child, grandchild, or even to give as a gift, I bet you can find a pair that will suit your needs at ikiki.co. They also have beanies that young children love!

Shoe Bag-ikiki.co

This company started out making shoes for young infants simply because they thought that most of the shoes that were available on the market were adult shoes that were basically shrunk to a smaller enough size for a baby. Their mission was to make a shoe that was comfortable, roomy, and could help a child to learn how to walk.

Their patent pending adjustable squeaker shoes come in various colors and designs. You can easily turn off the squeak when you want a little peace and quiet. Some infant shoes do not support their ankles. However, the ikiki brand high tops help to support the ankle without causing any discomfort.

The soles of the ikiki brand are quite different as well. They are soft, flexible and each sole is colored different than the other.  This difference helps to make it less challenging for a young child to know which one fits on what foot.

ikiki manufactures and sells 4 different types of high tops. Each of these come with their very own squeaker. They are designed to represent a dog, an arachnid, narwhale, and a cat.

Then there are the booties. These booties are designed to represent a cat, dog, narwhale, and an arachnid, just like the high tops.

And lastly there is the beanies. These colorful and whimsical hats which help to define your little character! They are made to represent a displaced pirate, narwhale, a panda bear, and a frog.

Here are some pics of the ikiki products that I received for review purposes. I checked out the stitching, design, and also the squeak. They are soft, comfortable, and very well made.

 Front of Chairman Meow Booties

Chairman Meow Booties-ikiki.co


 Back of Chairman Meow BootiesBack of Chairman Meow Booties-ikiki.co

Introducing Mr. Barkles

Introducing Mr. Barkles

 Bottom of Mr. Barkle Shoes

bottom of Mr Barkle Shoes

Left Shoe Side View

left shoe side view

 Right Shoe Side View

Right Shoe Side View



If you are looking for shoes for your little one, I would suggest that you check out ikiki

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  1. Kathy

    Those shoes are so cute! I’d love to have some for my daughters. They look like they’re very comfy as well.

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