Ideal Cleaning Hacks for Lazy Folks


Ideal Cleaning Hacks for Lazy Folks

Ugh! Is there anyone out there who really enjoys cleaning? I am assuming not. Cleaning is one of the most dreadful tasks on the planet. If you hate to clean and just the thought of it makes you lazy, there is hope. Here are some ideal cleaning hacks for lazy folks.

Ideal Cleaning Hacks for Lazy Folks

Use the Dishwasher to Clean Almost Everything– Okay, well almost anything. Your dishwasher isn’t just for cleaning dishes, you know. You can put anything in there that is dishwasher safe, like baseball hats, covers for light fixtures and stove hood filters. This will save you from hand scrubbing all those items.

Clean Your Bathroom While You Sleep– Yes; you can actually clean your bathroom while you catch your z’s. Before you head to bed at night, pour two cups of vinegar in the toilet and allow to set overnight. You can do the same thing with the shower and sink as well.

Clean Your Stove Without Scrubbing– Cleaning your stove is something you must do but all that scrubbing is just a pain. Well, now you can get your stove sparkling without all that messy scrubbing. Put the grates into a plastic bag with ammonia and allow to set overnight. To clean the interior of the oven, preheat the oven to 150 degrees and then shut it off. Next, place a pot of hot water in the bottom of the oven and a bowl with one cup of ammonia on the top rack and allow to sit overnight.

Dust Your House with Socks– You know those old pair of socks that you just haven’t brought yourself to throw away yet? Well, put them to use by using them to dust the floors in your home.

Clean Your Blender the Lazy Way– Here is an easy way to clean your kitchen blender. Add some dish soap and warm water to the blender. Then, run the blender for about 30-40 seconds and rinse with tepid water.

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