How to Survive Maternity Leave


How to Survive Maternity Leave

Maternity leave is probably the first time in your working life that you will be out of work for any length of time. While the concept of not working for a few months may sound like a vacation, the reality is that during those few months, you will be facing some of the toughest challenges you have ever experienced. You will be functioning on little to no sleep, you will feel isolated and a hot two minute shower will feel like heaven. The good news is that there are some things you can do to ensure you survive maternity leave.

Maternity Leave-How to Survive


Get Dressed Every Day– While pajamas and slippers are great when you have the flu, taking care of a baby is not a sick day. This is a busy time in your life that will be spent engaging and bonding with your baby. By putting some normal clothes on, you will not only improve your mood but you will also be able to deal with the challenges and events of the day ahead.

Sleep When Your Baby Sleeps– You more than likely were told this a million times when you were pregnant. Your doctor, your mother,  and even your grandmother told you to get some sleep when the baby decides to sleep.  At first, you may decide to use baby’s sleep time to cook dinner or clean the house. This may be a good gesture every once in a while, however, having a baby takes a toll on your body both physically and mentally, and if you do not rest you will become worn out. So when your baby decides to take a snooze, this is your cue to take a snooze as well.

Don’t Say No to Help – Family and friends will often offer lots of help after you have your baby. Trust me; you are going to want to welcome this help with open arms. These loved ones may offer to cook a few casseroles that you can freeze or do the pile of laundry that has been sitting for weeks. Don’t say no when this help is offered since it will help lighten your load and keep you from being too overwhelmed.

Connect with Other Moms– Even if you love being around people, after not sleeping or showering for a couple days, you will suddenly want to become a recluse. However, it is important that get together with friends of yours who are moms to have some adult conversation.

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