How to Save on Back to School


How to Save on Back to School

How to Save on Back to School Items

Are the kids heading back to school soon? Buying back to school items for just one child can be incredibly expensive. That’s why you need every tip you can find that will help you to manage on how to save on back to school.

1. Buy Early or Late

No one ever saves money by buying exactly at the right time or last minute shopping. If you want to save money then either buy later or earlier. You are going to catch the great sales or the REALLY great sales. Have a friend help you keep an eye on what’s on sale and what’s not on sale. Two sale “eyes” are always better than one.

2. Buy Out of Season

It’s so hard to tell what size your kids are going to be in, but if you can manage, try and buy the kids’ clothes a lot earlier. When you buy clothes in season, you aren’t saving any money. It’s important to watch the racks for these deals because once they hit they are gone fast.

3. Buy Second Hand

As much as you’d love to buy every one of your children brand new clothing, you might have to settle for second hand. There are some awesome second hand clothing stores and mamas out there donating clothes. Keep an eye out for clothes that aren’t so worn. Your child won’t even know you bought his or her clothes second hand, unless you tell them. Place them in the closet and watch your child fall in love with their second hand wardrobe.

4. Don’t Buy Too Much

If you were to look in your child’s clothing drawers and closet, you are probably overwhelmed. Parents have a tendency to buy more than what any child could ever need. That’s why it’s important to take a look at the amount of clothing your child has. By doing so, you will know not to buy too much this time around.

5. Designate Play Clothes

If you are on a tight budget, then it’s smart to designate what are school clothes and what are play clothes. You can save a ton of money by keeping your “school” clothes nice and neat. After the kids get home from school, have them change into play clothes. This will help keep down on the wear and tear of the best clothing your child owns.

As you can see, “saving” money on back to school is more about being clever about your resources.

What are some ways you like to save on back to school?

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