How to Recognize the Signs of ADHD/ADD in Children


How to Recognize the Signs of
ADHD/ADD in Children

While it is a normal part of childhood when they daydream during class, forget to do their science project or become restless at the dinner table, children with ADD or ADHD go above and beyond this sort of behavior. It becomes an issue when it happens on a regular basis. Here are some ways on how to recognize the signs of ADHD/ADD in children.

How to Recognize the Signs of ADHD and ADD in children


Recognizing the Signs of ADD/ADHD in Children


Fidgety– Children with ADD/ADHD are often very fidgety, meaning they can’t sit still in class or they have to be playing with a pencil or an eraser, for example, while in class. They have a tough time staying still at their desk or at the dinner table. They constantly want to get up and move around.

Incomplete Tasks– Children with ADD/ADHD may have a variety of different interests but they often start one or two tasks, but none of them get completed. For instance, they may start an art project, but then move on to something else in a couple of minutes. The problem is that neither project will get completed to the end.

Unfocused– Children with this disorder  may look at you when you are talking to them but they will have no idea what you said. You can ask them to repeat what you have just told them, but they won’t be able. The reason for this is because they were not focused on you at that moment. In order for a child with this disorder, to process what you are trying to tell them, undivided attention is needed.

Daydreamer– Children with ADD/ADHD may suddenly just drift off into space, not paying attention to things and people around them.

Carelessness– Children with this disorder are often labeled as lazy or stupid, but this is far from the truth. These kids are careless in things that they do. They may be given directions to a certain task, but have a tough time processing those directions into one well-thought plan and carry them out.

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