How to Pack an Eco-Friendly Lunch


How to Pack an Eco-Friendly Lunch

If you walk into any school cafeteria these days, you will see trash cans overflowing with milk cartons, aluminum foil and plastic wrap. All this trash is just piled up in our landfills. However, there are ways that you can help curb this problem. Here is how to pack an eco-friendly lunch.

How to Pack an Eco-Friendly Lunch

Use a Reusable Bag/Lunchbox– Instead of using paper bags for your child’s meal at school that just end up getting tossed in the trash can when they are done eating, use a reusable lunchbox or bag as an alternative. You want to avoid lunchboxes/ bags that have PCV..

Use Recyclable Food Wrap– If you send your child to school with a sandwich for lunch, wrap it in recycled aluminum foil instead of plastic wrap or plastic baggies. Also, you can use reusable food storage containers as well, since they come in an array of sizes.

Avoid Prepackaged Snacks– While you may think those individual prepackaged snack items are convenient, they not only cost you more money but they are wasteful as well. As an alternative, use a container that you can reuse for their snacks. This way, you can send them to school with healthy snacks like pretzels, cheese cubes or grapes.

Use Cloth Napkins– If you pack a napkin with the lunch meal each day, avoid using paper napkins. Instead, pack a cloth napkin instead, which can be used over and over again. Just be sure to wash it each week with your normal household laundry.

Avoid Plastic Silverware– If you need to pack a fork or spoon for your child’s lunch, avoid the plastic silverware. Instead, either send actual silverware from home or send them with biodegradable utensils.

Use a Stainless Steel Bottle– A stainless steel bottle is the perfect alternative to all those wasteful juice boxes. You can fill the bottle with water or juice and is also much cheaper than buying juice boxes.

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