How to Know When Your Toddler is Ready for Potty Training

How to Know When Your Toddler is Ready for Potty Training


Do you have a toddler at home? Do you think they are ready for potty training but aren’t really sure? I am sure that you are tired of changing diaper after diaper. Think about what a relief it would be if you didn’t have to do that anymore? Here is how to know when your toddler is ready for potty training.

How to Know When Your Toddlers is Ready for Potty Training

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Taking Off Their Diaper– If your little one is taking off their own diaper when it is dirty, this is a great sign they are ready to be trained. When you take the diaper and put the poop in the toilet, let your child watch you so they can see where the poop goes.

Letting You Know They Have a Dirty Diaper– Even if your child isn’t at the point where they are telling you that they need to use the bathroom, if they are telling you that they have gone in their diaper, this is a good sign. This is an indication that your toddler is aware that they went to the bathroom in their diaper and they do not like the feeling.

Don’t Shut Them Out– Kids love to copy what their mom and dad do, so you can use that to your advantage.  Just like they love to copy your actions when you are on the phone, if they wonder what’s going on when you are in the bathroom, don’t discourage that. They will probably ask questions, so be prepared to answer them.

Using Words They Can Relate To– Obviously, your child is a toddler so their vocabulary isn’t going to be that great, but using words like poo-poo or pee-pee is something they can relate to.

Bowel Movements Are Predictable– Children have regular bowel movements at different times of the day. Some go first thing in the morning when they wake up, others may have one after breakfast or lunch. Others may go right before they head to bed. By knowing when they have their daily bowel movements, you can better predict when to put them on the toilet.

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2 thoughts on “How to Know When Your Toddler is Ready for Potty Training

  1. Sherry

    I have a 4 year old with a diagnosis of autism spectrum disorder, who is not yet toilet trained. Although he is verbal, he doesn’t tell me he needs to go. We have been working on this for well over a year! Sitting him on the toilet once an hour…only TWICE in over a year has he done anything in the toilet.
    He doesn’t seem phased at all by wearing saturated drenched clothing that you can literally wring out…nor can he completely dress or undress independently, therefore requires some level of assistance.
    He also isn’t bothered by a poopy diaper…and because his digestive system is a mess, he doesn’t have regular bowel movements either. Alternating between constipation and almost diarrhea.
    I’m at a loss…his doctor thinks he’ll be in diapers at least another year because, she doesn’t think he has the mental development needed for toileting yet…any suggestions??

    1. admin Post author

      Try regulating and timing his liquid intake. Usually children will have to void within an hour of intake. Avoid giving him a drink before bed. One to two hours beforehand is sufficient. Try putting him on the potty before bedtime to see if he will empty his bladder.

      Have you tried a reward type method when potty training? I know that my children love stickers and sticker books, so perhaps invest in some brightly colored kid stickers and reward your son with one of them when he does a job in the potty. I am sure that you also sit with him while he is on the potty, so once you have the stickers and the book, I’m sure that he will look forward to being rewarded. I would also suggest that these stickers be varied in size and characters from his favorite television shows or animals. Keep me posted on how well this works or doesn’t work. Good luck!

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