How to Homeschool While Traveling



How to Homeschool While Traveling

Homeschooling allows you some great flexibility and part of that is being able to travel whenever you want or when you need too. That  flexibility also allows us to be able to take our schooling on the road and not miss a beat! Here are some tips on how to homeschool while traveling and take your school on the road with you.

How to Homeschool While Traveling

Take Advantage of the Area History
– Every place has its own history and educational factors. Stuff that isn’t always in a history book or that you wouldn’t learn in public school you can learn on location. Visit state museums, national parks, historical sites and more. There is a free phone app called Field Trip that uses your location and pulls state and national parks and more educational things to see near you. You can also use the Trip Advisor app to see what is near you.

State Unit Studies – If you are traveling to a state different from the one you live in you can do a state unit study along the way to get your kids interested. Get a lap desk off of Amazon so they can do the worksheets in the car. CurrClick has a ton of great state units and lap books you can buy for just a few dollars and print as many copies as you need. You can also find some great resources for free on Pinterest.

Use Tablets Tablets are great and portable and using headphones with them can make for a nice quite car ride. You can find apps for your kids to practice just about any skill from math to spelling, reading and even geography. Older kids can have books downloaded to read on there on just about any subject. No wifi is required once books or apps are downloaded too!

Learn About What Is Unique To The Area You Are Traveling To – Every area has something it is known for. Florida beaches, New Orleans has the Cajun culture, out west you have desserts, the northeast is known for its rich history, and don’t forget the Great Lakes Region. Summer Studies is an excellent book for those wishing to explore everything about the Great Lakes Region. Take advantage of what is unique to the area you are going to and incorporate it into your schooling.

Carschooling: Over 350 Entertaining Games & Activities to Turn Travel Time into Learning Time – For Kids Ages 4 to 17

This is one of the best books you can invest in when it comes to learning on the road. With over 350 things to do like Windshield Entomology, 18-Wheeler Chemistry, and Road-Cut Geology. This book has a chapter on all the core subject and even a few electives!

How do you homeschool while traveling?


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