How to Help Kids Who Procrastinate with Homework


How to Help Kids Who

Procrastinate with Homework

Kids seem to have all kinds of excuses when it comes to not doing their homework. The good news is that this procrastination can be nipped in the bud before it becomes any worse than it already is. Here are some excuses kids use and how you can help kids who procrastinate with homework.

how to help a child who procrastinates with their homework


Setting Priorities– Many kids will often put off their homework because they have other priorities like video games or chatting with friends. In order to get your child to put their assignments at the top of their priority list, combine it with something they like. For instance, if your child loves playing video games, let them know that video games will not be played until after they have completed their assignments for the day. This teaches them that responsible behavior is rewarded with privileges.

Understanding– If your child says they can’t do their homework, it may be that they really can’t do it but it may also be that they see the assignment as daunting and they have no clue where to begin. You first need to talk to their teacher to see if there is a learning problem with your child or if they are just intimated by the assignment. If the latter is the case, show them how to break a large assignment into smaller tasks. If the problem is a learning aspect, the teacher can help you determine what the next steps are.

Time Management– Many kids will put off an assignment that is due in a week until the night before. They don’t feel that they need to start right now because there is no sense of urgency. Have your child create a schedule with their school work deadlines. Then, offer incentives for doing things early. If they have something due in one week and they get their outline done today, you can provide an incentive like an extra story before bedtime. This will teach them that while doing something on time is good, getting it done early is best.

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