How to Handle Teenage Pregnancy


How to Handle Teenage Pregnancy

One of the hardest things to hear from your teenager is that they are pregnant. This can be something that is overwhelming for any parent. It is not something that most parents want for their teen but it is important to remember that your daughter is going to need your support now more than ever. There are ways in which you can handle the news that your teenager is going to be a parent.

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Provide Lots of Support– There is no doubt that your daughter is experiencing many emotions right now such as denial, guilt, fear, anxiety and shock. You are more than likely experiencing those same emotions as well. You need to talk openly to your daughter about her feelings and her emotions. It is at this time that she will need your support, guidance and love now more than ever.

Talk About the Available Options– Basically your teen has three options available to her at this point: keep the baby, abort the baby or give the baby up for adoption. The choice is ultimately hers as well as the baby’s father. If she wants to keep the baby, it is important that she is fully aware of the responsibilities and challenges that lie ahead. If she wants to give the baby up for adoption, explore all the different options she has available. If she wants to end the pregnancy, talk to her about the risks and emotional consequences.

Understand the Health Risks– Statistics have shown that teen girls and their babies are at a high risk for developing health problems. For teen girls, they may experience anemia and preterm labor while their baby may have low birth weight.

Get Proper Prenatal Care– It is important that your teen makes an appointment with her doctor as soon as possible so she can start getting the proper prenatal care. She will also need to start taking prenatal vitamins and start eating healthier. A diet that is rich in calcium, phosphorus, iron, folic acid and protein. She will also need to avoid any type of risky substance such as street drugs, alcohol and tobacco.

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