How to Encourage Kids to Read This Summer


How to Encourage Kids to Read This Summer

Summer break can often be an uphill battle for concerned parents worried about their children forgetting what they had learned over the course of the previous school year. With such distractions as video games, cartoons on television and the warm inviting weather of the season, parents are all too often at a loss for creative ideas to keep their children’s love of reading alive during this season. However with these simple and effective tips, you can encourage kids to read this summer and keep on track for the coming school year this fall.

how to encourage kids to read this summer

Read Stories Routinely– Almost every parent has reported back that the most successful method of keeping their kiddo’s love of the literary arts alive and well is as basic and easy as reading to them on a regular basis. By snuggling under the covers each night at bedtime with their favorite fairytale or fun adventure, you not only keep their imaginations going strong, but also gain some valuable time with your little one. Kids love spending time with their parent and reading is a great way to incorporate both.

Go Beyond Just Traditional Books– Reading materials never have to be limited to the ordinary book. Encourage your children to read where ever they can. Anything from the cereal box at breakfast to age appropriate magazines and even comic books. Any reading at all is a good thing and will encourage them to keep learning and promote an enduring love for the pastime that will last for years to come.

Stay Involved and Keep it Fun– By asking questions about what your child is reading at the moment, you can open up a healthy discussion that makes them think a little further into what they have learned. Just remember to keep it light and fun. Be inquisitive by asking questions such as: What was your favorite part of the story and why?

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