How to Clean a Backyard Pool


How to Clean a Backyard Pool

Being an owner of a backyard pool is both rewarding and tedious. It can provide you with hours of relaxation and is great for people with limited mobility. However, being a pool owner also means that you are responsible for its maintenance and upkeep. Taking care of your investment also means that you have to make the time to clean your pool properly in order to prolong its life as well as to keep those who swim in it, healthy and safe. Learn how to clean a backyard pool with the help of these pool cleaning products.

How to Clean a Backyard Pool

Types of Pool Cleaners

Let’s start by talking about some of the pool cleaners on the market. First off, there are two different kinds of pool cleaners. One is bromide and the other is chlorine. Both of these are designed to clean your pool by killing bacteria or stopping the bacteria from growing in the first place. The bromide cleaner comes in a powder or tablet form. In most cases, you will have to add a certain amount of the bromide to a bucket of water. Once it has been mixed thoroughly, it is now ready to be added to the pool water.  Many people chose to add the pool cleaner at night, after everyone has headed to their bed. Once it has been added to the pool, it is advised that people stay out of the pool for a certain period of time. In some cases, the cleaner is distributed throughout the pool after a twelve hour period and in some cases within twenty four hours.

The second type of pool cleaner is chlorine. This type of pool cleaning chemical can be bought in a powder form, granular form, a tablet form, and even a liquid form. The same principles apply to this type of cleaner. You add in the required amount, wait the recommended time period, and then go back to enjoying your backyard pool. Chlorine pool cleaners tend to be the most popular because of the convenience of it being available in a liquid form. There is no mixing required, simple add in the required amount, and then wait until it has had a chance to circulate throughout the water.

As a pool owner it is very important that you clean it at regular intervals to prevent you, your family, and friends from getting sick from their swim. Bacteria can cause severe illness and sometimes even death. Therefore, adding in chemicals that will clean your pool safely and effectively is not something that one should take lightly.

Other Pool Cleaning Equipment

A pool skimmer is also another cleaning product that every pool owner should have. This cleaning tool is similar to a giant sized net. It is basically a long handled net that you use to skim the surface of the water. It quickly scoops up debris, and other things that can be found floating on the pool surface. Small sticks, tree leaves, floating insects, and the like are a few examples.

Pool vacuums are also another cleaning tool that can help you to get your pool clean. They work very similar to a regular vacuum cleaner, except that they were designed to be waterproofed and work underwater. There are generic brands as well as name brand pool vacuums. They come in various prices so you can be sure that there is one that will suit your needs and budget.

They need no electricity in order to work. All you need to do is to attach them to the pool infiltration system. Hoses and other attachments are usually included with a pool vacuum. Remember to check to see if your pool filtration pump has the proper amount of horsepower or hp in order to make the vacuum run properly.

The Benefits of Pool Ownership

Having a backyard pool can increase the property value of your home. It can bring you and your family years of enjoyment, relaxation, and entertainment. Keeping it clean and safe is only minor compared to the benefits of having your own pool. Kids and grandkids can learn how to swim, learn about proper safety procedures when in and around water, and get years of enjoyment swimming in the pool. Another thing about having a pool is the pool parties and the swimming after enjoying a backyard barbecue.

What a relaxing and fun way to entertain!

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