How to Afford a Family Vacation When You Are a Single Parent

How to Afford a Family Vacation
When You Are a Single Parent


Planning a family vacation can be a challenge. Careful planning and utilizing certain resources is the way to afford a family vacation when you are a single parent. Learn about them by continuing to read the rest of the article.


Set Money Saving Goals

Have money taken from paycheck- Figure out when you are taking your vacation and find out how much you need to save for the vacation. When you have it figured out, have that amount taken out of your paycheck and put into a separate savings account.

Vacation During the Off-Season- Most of the time, it is much cheaper to vacation during your destination’s off-season. For instance, Alaska is cheapest in May and September while the Caribbean is cheapest during hurricane season.

Choose a Package Deal– Did you know that there are some hotels that actually have their own unique package for single parents? The Grand Velas Riviera Maya Hotel in Mexico features a Single Parents Getaway package. The Sonesta Maho Beach Resort & Casino in St. Maarten has The Single Parent Package. These packages feature mostly everything you and your children will need for a great vacation at an affordable price.

Book at an All-Inclusive– All-inclusive resorts have family packages that includes everything in one price. Many of the all inclusive packages include meals and activities. Choosing this type of vacation package saves you a lot of money when traveling as a family unit.

Take a Family Cruise– A cruise is something the whole family will enjoy and are completely affordable. Disney Magic is often a popular cruise choice for single parents. This cruise liner sets sail to the Caribbean, the Bahamas and Europe.

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