Homework Help for the Child That is Easily Distracted


Homework Help for the Child

That is Easily Distracted

There are some children out there that are just so easily distracted, especially when it comes to homework. Throughout the school year, many parents struggle with dealing with this matter and their child. Here are some ways you can help with homework for the child that is easily distracted.

Homework Help for the Child That is Easily Distracted

Be calm but firm– When it comes to homework time, the last thing you want to do is to engage in a power struggle with your child. If you know they are getting distracted, tell them in a calm voice that you understand they might get frustrated. Then, tell them they need to sit down and concentrate on getting it done.

Establish a beneficial schedule– You want to be sure that you make a schedule for your child to do their school work but ensure it is a beneficial time as well. What does this mean? Well, every child has a time of day that is better for them to sit down and work on school work. While some kids like to come right home and get their it done and out of the way, this doesn’t usually work with distracted kids. These kids normally need to come home and unwind a bit first.

Prioritize, prioritize, prioritize– For children that get distracted easily, just trying to decide on where to start can be frustrating to them. Have them write down all of the assignments they have for that night and then assign a number to each one, indicating the order they will be completed. It is usually best to start with the assignment that takes the shortest amount of time and add the hardest or longest assignment in the middle.

Ensure they work in bursts– In order to keep your child focused on the work, they will need to complete it in bursts. When they work on assignments for a long period of time, they are sure to get distracted. By having them work in shorter time periods, they will likely be more attentive and more productive.

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