Homemade Winter Skin Treatments Using Herbs and Flowers


Homemade Winter Skin Treatments Using Herbs and Flowers

Homemade Winter Skin Treatments Using Herbs and Flowers

Winter is harsh on skin, hair and nails, with sensitive skin becoming especially irritated and chapped. To prevent painful conditions and keep your skin all looking its best, try using common herbs and flowers that you already have on hand. With these you can put together some homemade winter treatments. So many herbs have beneficial properties that your skin can use at all times, properties that produce healthy looking skin. There are so many easy recipes that home cooks can put together, for their face, hands and body.


Grow these popular kitchen herbs and flowers to use for making your very own homemade winter skin treatments when you need a little perk up. It can also be used to treat damaged skin.





Not only does lavender smell great, it has calming qualities. Irritated or wind burned skin can be painful, and the antiseptic qualities of the lavender leaves are able to battle that, taking the sting out when it is used as a wash. Use daily to reduce any appearance of irritated skin. You can also use it when you are experiencing any discomfort anywhere on the body. Lavender can be grown in a small to medium sized pot in the kitchen as long as it is well trimmed. Do not add the plant to soil that is over nourished because lavender prefers nutrient poor soil. Water regularly, but do not leave soil waterlogged or wet all the time.




The herb calendula is better known as the marigold plant. It can be found in gardens as a small annual flower. The flower petals of the plant are extremely good for healing damaged skin and can clear up acne quickly. Use it as a wash to clean and clear, rejuvenating shine and overall appearance. If you have skin that ends up chapped or burned, apply a little wash or balm that you’ve made. Calendula plants are extremely easy to grow. A single plant can be placed in a small pot and added to a bright window for the best results. The plant needs to be watered daily and you can pull buds of flowers from the plant as you need them.



Tea Roses


Tiny tea rose bushes are created just for use in the home or on a table as a centerpiece. The bushes get no bigger than ten inches tall and wide.  They are they great to look at and you can also use the rose petals in your food, drinks and skin treatments. Rose petal toner is a great way to care for skin in order to prevent a host of problems and to add moisture. Rose bushes are very particular about their care, so make sure it is in full sun, is not over-watered and left loose for the most part.




Chamomile is a popular herb to treat lackluster hair.  It is also great for calming and as a cleanser. It is great for stripping away oil, chemicals and residue that has built up over time. When you are using chamomile for beauty treatments you want the buds, so you will need to gather them as they appear, meaning your plant will always be green. Still, leggy plants add a little variety to the kitchen herbs that you are growing. Keep these plants in tall, narrow pots that have the bottom half filled with porous material. By doing so, you will prevent root rot as it will have sufficient drainage.


The Importance of Drinking Water

No matter your skin condition or type, it is important that you drink lots of water. Water replenishes lost moisture in the body. It will help to eliminate waste in the body, and therefore, remove toxins. You skin will also feel lest taunt and dry.

Drinking water will also give your skin that healthy glow. It will also help to remove impurities in the skin. Avoid using soaps that contain perfumes and dyes. If at all possible, choose a natural soap for cleansing.

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