Home Daycare vs. Daycare Centers


Home Daycare vs. Daycare Centers

For many years, parents have struggled with the decision of which childcare service provider to look after their child when they are planning on returning to the work force. The truth of the matter is that there is really no right or wrong choice. There are pros and cons to each choice and the final decision should be based on not only your family’s individual needs but the integrity of the childcare providers. Another thing to take into consideration is the overall environment and the offered programs and activities. Here are the pros and the cons of both child care provider services which may help you make a choice between the two.

Home Daycare vs Daycare Centers

The Differences Between Home Daycare vs Daycare Centers


Home daycare is provided in someone’s own home whereas a daycare center is usually provided in a commercial building. Let’s take a look at the pros and the cons of both options in more detail.

Home Daycare– These service providers have a small caregiver to child ratio, usually something like 1 to 4. Because of this, the number of children in total is smaller as well, roughly anywhere from 1-2 children to 14-15 children. In most of these childcare settings the children are not separated by age groups.

Pros– The benefits of this type of childcare provider service includes a home-like environment, lower childcare costs, and closer bond between child and caregiver. Sometimes you will also find that caregivers are more flexible with schedules.

Cons– The disadvantages of this type of setting a young child may include the curriculum being less enriched from an educational aspect. A large chunk of television time may be part of your child’s day.rather than skill building and other learning activities.

Daycare Centers– This type of setting offers a larger staff along with larger facilities. These establishments often accommodate more children than other service providers. This number can be, anywhere from 20 children to as high as 150 children. Children are often separated according to their age group.

Pros– The benefits of this kind of setting include possible caregivers who have more education, training and experience than those of a home based provider.  It is an environment that is set up similar to a school setting and often includes an array of enrichment activities

Cons– The disadvantages of this type of setting include high turnover staff rates and escalated childcare costs.


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