Healthy Shopper Spring 2014


I recently had the opportunity to review a selection of healthy food choices from the Healthy Shopper. Randy Boyer and Andrea Donsky have been busy working hard to bring you some healthy alternatives to your kitchen table. Their spring 2014 choices may feature some products that you are not familiar with.

Healthy Shopper Spring 2014

The Healthy Shopper Spring 2014 choices include Maison Orphee’s products. This company produces organic virgin sunflower oil, coconut oil, and olive oil. They have a more intense flavor and aroma and have not been genetically modified, nor have they be treated with chemical fertilizers. I love adding coconut oil to some of my dishes, especially chicken, so this is where I will be using the coconut oil, I will also smooth some of it on my skin.

Simply Natural makes a wide range of organic barbecue sauces. These sauces are rich, tangy, and taste great. I know that we are going to love the taste of these delightful sauces. Might add some to the next pot of chili or to top our meats. They have zero trans fat and are good for you.

Olympic Dairy manufactures organic milk, sour cream, yogurt, and cream cheese. They contain no gluten, no preservatives, and no gelatin. Cream cheese is great on bread or even mixed with salsa as a game day dip.

The last but not least product on the list is Earth Balance. Earth Balance makes buttery spreads and nut butters that your whole family will enjoy. These are great for vegans or those who are wishing for healthier alternatives for their breads. Will be trying these out once my jar of peanut butter is emptied.

Check out some of these healthier food choices and see for yourself what healthier, alternative food choices are all about.

*Disclaimer*- I received some of the Healthy Shopper Spring Picks 2014 for review purposes. All opinions expressed are entirely my own.

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