Gluten-Free and Loving It


Gluten-Free and Loving It

It’s not easy having to watch what you eat. Gluten is in so many foods, it can be really hard having to read every ingredient in what you’ll eat. But going gluten –  free does have its perks. Once you have learned what foods to eat and what foods to avoid, your overall health should improve and you will be able to lose weight, increase metabolism, and have increased energy!

Gluten-Free and Loving It

The Perks of Going Gluten-Free

Less Bloating-Eating food that contains wheat can lead to producing a lot of gas. That can also make you feel bloated and icky! After eating heavy meals with wheat you may feel full but chances are that some of this fullness is caused by trapped air. Cutting out wheat will help keep you in shape and have a flatter stomach.

Fruits and Veggies– If you remove gluten laden products from your diet, increase the amount of fruits and vegetables into your diet. Not only do these foods add fiber to your diet, they are rich in vitamins and nutrients.

Alcohol– Most people don’t realize that most beers are made with grains. Cutting down on the booze is a good way to cut out gluten.

Vitamins– Increase your vitamin intake when eating wheat. The Phytic Acid in it reduces the absorption of some vitamins and minerals.

Advocates-Celebs such as athletes or actresses are big on going the gluten – free way. They claim it makes them feel better and less tired.

Great Food Choices- Try not to focus on things that you cannot eat, but rather things that you can! If you love foods such as cake, cookies, pizza, tacos, steak, chicken, and other foods, you do not have to give them up entirely. Find other ways to prepare them by substituting ingredients for ones that are gluten-free.

Consuming Fewer Calories- The fewer calories consumed means less calories to burn off Many people have said that they get hungrier faster after eating gluten than a gluten – free meal.

Increasing Focus-Studies have shown that gluten may be the cause of a Cognitive Decline. Going gluten – free can make you feel less absent minded and more focused.

Fewer Headaches- People who suffer from severe recurrent headaches may want to eliminate gluten from their diet or at least, reduce their intake.

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