Garden Supplies for Vegetable Garden & Flower Garden Success



When you begin creating your vegetable garden or flower garden, there are a few simple supplies that are must haves for success.  To truly succeed and have a bountiful harvest of fresh produce or gorgeous flowers to adorn your yard, you will have to do some work.  With that work, comes the need for a few tools that are sure to come in handy.  Investing in quality tools will help you be a successful gardener for years to come.

Garden Supplies For Vegetable & Flower Garden Success

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 Garden Supplies for Vegetable Garden & Flower Garden Success

It is our goal to help you make your garden something that you are proud of, and find to be helpful in your life.  Flowers are not just a way to landscape your yard.  They also provide beauty and are for many a much needed distraction that helps to calm and soothe emotionally.  A great vegetable garden is an excellent way to keep your food organic and healthy, while saving your family a significant amount of money in their grocery budget.

Quality Seeds:  You cannot have a quality garden without quality seeds.  You may have seen the 5/$1 packets at your local dollar store and thought they would work great.  There are many things to consider.  If you want an organic garden or any special heirloom varieties for your produce, you will not find that in the inexpensive seed packets.  Another major thing to consider is that those small cheap packages have very few seeds.  More often than not, you end up spending just as much money on seeds because you have to go back and buy more.

I prefer to order from Mountain Valley Seed Company or Open Seed Vault to find the best quality non-GMO, organic or heirloom seeds.  Another thing to consider is to save your seeds at harvest time. This way you will have them to plant for the following season, thus, saving money as there will be no need to order them.

Good Soil:  This isn’t always something you have a choice in, but if possible, you will want to purchase the right potting soil or extra garden soil.  Do some reading on the bags of garden soil to find out if they are good for mixing in with your existing soil, if they hold moisture or if they have fertilizer already mixed into them.  If you aren’t purchasing soil to use, then get to know your own soil and work with quality organic fertilizers to make sure it is up to standard to provide your plants with proper nutrition.

Work Gloves:  There is nothing like getting your hands into the soil when planting your vegetable garden or flower garden.  One thing to consider is that when you are using many garden implements, blisters can easily form on your hands.  It’s fine to put seeds and plants into the soil with your bare hands, but when you are actually using tools and doing the harder work of digging holes or tilling the soil, you definitely want to wear some good quality work gloves or gardening gloves.
Garden Tools: These depend on what type of garden you are creating.  If you are building a larger vegetable garden, then you will want invest in larger tools like a hoe, rake, and perhaps even a shovel.  If you are working in a small bed or with just flowers, you will probably only need a set of garden implements that are small handheld pieces.  Either way, you’ll need something to scoop, shovel, and move the soil as you plant your seeds or seedlings, as well as when you add fertilizer or need to remove the weeds.

Kneeling Pad:  A kneeling pad is a very inexpensive and wonderful investment.  Trust me, years of gardening have led to many a bruised knee and aching back from squatting to save my knees.  Instead, using a kneeling pad offers support and cushion to your knees, and can easily be a seat if larger to protect your backside from dirt if you are working in there for extended periods of time.

Good Fertilizer:  We have a great list of tips for how to create or use organic fertilizer for your convenience, but this is another reminder of how important this is.  Not all soil is created equal.  That means that you may very well need to add fertilizer to make sure your plants are being fed properly.  To grow and produce healthy fruit and flowers, your gardens need the right nutrients.

Watering System:  Whether you use a sprinkler system, a sprinkler, watering can, rain barrels, or even a simple garden hose, your plantings are likely to need assistance in getting moisture at some point.  Some areas get more consistent rainfall, so watering them constantly is not needed. However, no matter where you live, there will become a time when you’ll need to water your plants.  Sprinklers are one of the best for water efficiency since they spray small amounts over a large area and can be moved without much effort, but various watering systems can be used.  For small planters or small gardens, an old fashioned watering can may be all you need.

Pest Deterrents: There are many ways to keep pests out.  If you are growing an organic garden, then some of our favorite methods are using other plants.  Avoid chemicals when possible to help keep your vegetables organic and safer to eat.


Plants that help deter pests:


If birds are a problem, you can go with the old fashioned scarecrow method.  Kids enjoy gathering old clothes to build your own unique scarecrow to place inside or on the outside edges of your garden.

Almanac:  This may seem old fashioned, but there are a ton of great tips inside the almanac that includes the best times to plant different crops, as well as basic tips.  You will find this extremely useful in regards to your vegetable garden.  In fact, it was often the most used tool in the past, when my grandparents were living.

Use your almanac to learn about the right climates and temperatures to plant specific plants.  You can also use it for extra information on what plants grow best together, and the type of soil you need to grow your choices for vegetables or flowers.

These gardening tips and suggestions are ideal for helping you find great success with your crops and flowers this year.  The right tools are a must to find success and a great harvest of your favorite vegetables or flowers.

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