Fergus Ferry Children’s Books- A Review


Disclaimer- I received these books for children for review purposes. All opinions expressed are entirely my own.

Fergus Ferry Children’s Books- A Review

I recently had the opportunity to review an almost complete collection of the Fergus Ferry children’s books. For those of you who are unfamiliar wth Fergus, the main character in these set of books, Fergus Ferry is a lovable, helpful, and friendly little tugboat that makes daring rescues in the harbor. Of course, Fergus also counts on help from his friends to complete his mission!

Fergus Ferry

There are 24 books in the series, and I was sent a collection of 18 of these books to facilitate this review post. I received the Second Fleet, Third Fleet, and Fourth Fleet, respectively. Each set has a series of 6 books to the set. As for the books, they are rhyming books that are geared for children between the ages of 2-6. They were written by JW Noble and expertly written indeed.

Fergus Ferry Second Fleet Front Cover


Fergus Ferry Third Fleet Front Cover


Fergus Ferry Fourth Fleet Front Cover

I love the subtle parent/child messages that are apparent when reading the book. As I read Fergus and the Whale, I knew that the message was that although Fergus is usually the hero of the day, he sometimes needs help from his friends. Flash, a speedboat is going too fast in the harbor and being reckless. His objective was to ram into the whale. Fergus tries to prevent this from happening. As a result, Flash manages to flood Fergus’ engine by sending huge waves of water onto the boat. Soon, larger tugboats appear to tow Fergus to the dock as he is feeling quite sick from being water logged.

The story is entertaining and the images are colorful and easily represent what they are supposed to. Parents as well as children will enjoy reading the Fergus Ferry storybooks.

Fergus Ferry-Fergus and the Whale

Here are a couple of images from the Fergus and the Whale storybook which can be found in the Second Fleet set.

Fergus and the Whale


Fergus and the Whale Illustrations


Free app download, activities, ebooks, and information about paper books can be found at FergusFerry.com

Parents have many different choices for this children’s book series. They can be bought as physical books or digital downloads (ebooks) and even have a website in which there are educational lessons for each and every book. As a parent, I would recommend that these books becomes part of your home library. They also make a great gift item.


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