Fall Crafts for Kids


When the weather gets cooler, children tend to spend more time indoors. In order to keep them busy, start gathering up your craft basket and make some crafts with your kids. You can also spend some of the time, gathering up some supplies from nature. Leaves, acorns, and even pine cones make lovely additions to your craft basket.

Fall Leaves for Crafts

1. Leaf Collage- Head outdoors with your kid(s) and gather up some different leaves. Choose ones that have just fallen from the trees. Place the leaves in between two sheets of waxed paper and iron them on a low setting. The extra wax paper cut be cut off so only the leaf remains. Do several of these and then paste them onto a piece of construction paper.

2. Make a Pumpkin Seed Pumpkin- Purchase a small or medium pumpkin and scoop out the seeds. Wash and dry them thoroughly. Then cut out some construction paper in the shape of a pumpkin. Let the children glue the seeds to the paper and then paint them with a craft paint for children.

3. Make a Fall Tree- Use brown construction paper to make the trunk of a tree. You may have to draw this for your children. Let them cut them out with safety scissors. Cut several sheets of construction paper into little squares. Glue the brown tree trunk to another piece of construction paper, then let the children place the little colored squares in random places on the collage to resemble leaves.

4. Fingerprint Corn Craft- For this craft you will need yellow and green construction paper, safety scissors, and children’s craft paint. Cut out the green to resemble the corn stalk, the yellow with be the ear of corn. Glue these pieces to another piece of construction paper. Have the children dip their fingers into the paint to dot the corn. You will have a keepsake of their fingerprints to show them when they are older.

These 4 crafts will keep your children entertained during the cooler season of fall. There are many creative crafts that you can do, that need only a few craft supplies, such as construction paper, safety scissors, glue, markers, and craft paint.

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