Essential Oils to Avoid During Pregnancy


Essential Oils to Avoid During Pregnancy

Essential oils are the most popular ingredient in aromatherapy products and treatments. However there are some essential oils that are not recommended for use while pregnant. Read more to find out which ones you essential oils to avoid during pregnancy.

Essential Oils to Avoid During Pregnancy

Essential Oils to Avoid

Cassia– Cassia essential oil is in the same family classification as cinnamon so it is an oil that is hot. In the past, this essential oil was often used as a natural method to support the immune system. The scientific name is called Cinnamomum Cassia and is also known as Laurus Cassia and Cinnamomum Aromaticum. The main ingredients of the essential oil include linalool, benzaldehyde, cinnamyl acetate, cinnamic aldehyde and chavicol. Cassia is to be avoided during pregnancy for a few reasons. First, Cassia produces irritation not only on the skin but on the mucus membrane as well. Also, since this essential oil control birth naturally, it may cause miscarriage.

Cinnamon Bark– Cinnamon bark oils are widely used to stimulate your appetite as well as reduce gas and spasms. However, it is also thought that this increases blood flow and lowers blood sugar so it is not recommended for women who are pregnant. Also, this oil has been known to irritate your skin as well as the mucus membranes such as the urinary tract, stomach and intestines.

Lemongrass– Lemongrass essential oil has a scent that is lemony and sweet and features colors that range from dark yellow to amber. There are several different grasses that comprise lemongrass: cymbopogon citratus, cymbopogon flexous, citral and myrcene. Citral and myrcene are a couple of substances that may have harmful pregnancy effects since they are known to cause birth defects. In addition, lemongrass has been known to interfere with the rapid cell growth of unborn babies.

Mugwort– Mugwort has been used in China for its medicinal properties to treat a wide array of ailments. However, in European countries it was used in black magic and witchcraft. The scientific name for this plant is called Artemisia Vulgaris. The oil is made by steam distilling the flowering tops, buds and leaves of the Mugwort tree. This oil has been known to have narcotic effects on the nervous system as well as the brain. It can also cause abortions so it should not be used in pregnant women.

Tansy– Tansy is a plant that comes from the word athanasia that means immortality. It used to be often utilized for embalming. The oil is widely used for intestinal and stomach ulcers as well as migraines, nerve and joint pain and rapid heart palpitations. Tansy is not recommended for women who are pregnant since it is also used to cause abortions and for women who haven’t started their menstrual cycle and want to start.

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