Essential Oils for Labor and Delivery



Essential Oils for Labor and Delivery

If you are in search of healthy and safe options for labor and delivery, essential oils can help ensure you have a good labor and delivery experience. Essential oils are ideal for helping with pain and they also help keep you relaxed so that your labor progresses well. There are even oils that can help if you are having a tough and long labor.

Essential Oils for Labor and Delivery

Clary SageClary sage essential oil is one that is versatile when it comes to labor. It can create contractions that are more effective by adding a few drops to the inside of your ankles. Clary sage can also help to induce labor and can help with labor pains as well. This essential oil has a scent that is sweet, nutty and slightly herbaceous. It is also ideal in settling the nervous system so it works well with cases of tension, depression, insomnia and stress.

JasmineJasmine essential oil assists with pain relief and can also help produce effective contractions by massaging the oil on your abdomen or lower back. Jasmine is an oil that not only smells amazing but it is also versatile as it helps to ease childbirth, deeply relaxes and improve the elasticity of skin to reduce the chances of scars and stretch marks. Jasmine essential oil has an aroma that is floral, exotic and sweet.

HelichrysumHelichrysum essential oil is ideal to use during delivery on your perineum to prevent tearing and trauma. It also helps to lessen any swelling so the baby easily comes through the birth canal. You can use this oil alone or you can mix together with a ginger compress to use on the perineum. Helichrysum has an aroma that is fruity and straw-like with undertones of tea and honey. This oil can also be used in a warm bath or vapor therapy to help with muscle aches and pains.

FrankincenseFrankincense essential oil is widely used for labor. By inhaling the scent of Frankincense, it can help calm your emotions. You can also rub the oil onto your stomach or lower back to help relieve labor pains. Also you can apply Frankincense oil right on the perineum to help with not only pain but healing as well.

LavenderLavender essential oil is one that is versatile during labor. It can help you to relax and can assist in reducing pain levels. Lavender has a scent that is light and fresh and is ideal for providing you with an effect that is calming and soothing.

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