Effective Anger Management Strategies for Children


Effective Anger Management Strategies for Children

If you think that your child has problems managing their anger, there are some effective anger management strategies that you can use to help them.

Effective Anger Management Strategies for Children

 How to Deal with Outbursts of Anger

What-Anger is a strong emotion that children not only use to mobilize a response to danger but it is also a type of self-expression and is also sometimes used by kids to declare their independence. There are many things that can trigger a child’s anger and there are times when aggression becomes the result. Your child needs help at this stage to learn to recognize the triggers that set off feelings of anger.

Establish a Set of Anger Rules -It is important that you have family rules regarding what anger behaviors are acceptable and which ones are not. These rules will differ from family to family and your rules will depend on what your family can tolerate. For instance, your family may be able to tolerate raised voices and slamming doors or your family may not tolerate either of those. By having these rules in place, this makes things clear to your kids what they can do when they get feelings of anger and what behaviors will result in a consequence.

Use Words to Manage Anger– One important strategy for teaching kids anger management is to teach them how to use words to express their anger. This may be tough for them because they often see their parents handling anger in inappropriate ways. For instance, children may see their parent threatening someone when they get angry rather than talking it out. It is for this reason that our kids cannot effectively produce word labels for emotions such as anger.

Teach Relaxation Methods-You do want to teach your child ways to relax when they get angry. When you teach them methods like breathing techniques, they have the ability to calm themselves done when they feel themselves getting angry. As with anything else in life, the more your child practices these methods, the better they will be able to handle angry.


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