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Are you a parent of school age children and find yourself spending quite a bit of money on lunch supplies such as plastic bags, paper napkins, and the like? If you have answered yes, do you know you can save money by using ECOlunchbox for all of your lunch supply needs?


ECOlunchbox reduces waste by providing parents just like you with affordable and fashionable bento boxes, lunch bags, snack containers and more. Reduce the amount of plastic in our landfills and eliminate the harmful chemicals from your child’s lunch. Traditional lunchboxes may contain plastic, aluminum, vinyl  and even lead.


Abe’s Market is offering free shipping until August 24, 2014.

Have a look at some of the cool lunchbox ideas from ECOlunch today!

5. Eco Chic Furoshiki Bento Box Kit 
The original eco lunchbag from Japan sewn from colorful fair trade textiles hand-printed by artisans using wooden blocks and wax batik techniques.
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4. Oval + Cup
This super-classy 2-piece lunch set includes a large oval container plus a smaller cup that’s ideal for sauces, dips or other wet foods.
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3. Three-In-One
With three nesting containers, this lunchbox is ideal for school lunches. Most kids pack a sandwich and two side dishes, this ensures their food won’t get mixed up!
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2. Solo Cube
This is a classic reusable sandwich box, durable and light-weight, but without the plastic!
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1. Blue Water Bento Lunch Kit
This is a fantastic leak-proof lunchbox without plastic! The silicone lid and the quirky screen-printed lunch bag are a crowd favorite.
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