Eco-Friendly Toys for Toddlers



Eco-Friendly Toys for Toddlers

These days, eco-friendly toys for toddlers are important to parents. These toys are made from materials that are good for the earth. Here are some fun toys for toddlers that are eco-friendly and educational.

Eco-Friendly Toys for Toddlers

Eco-Friendly Toys

1. Wooden number puzzles are something that toddlers love. The Begin Again Counting Chameleon Wooden Number Puzzle is handcrafted from sustainable rubber wood that are grown on plantations. The puzzle comes in a handy tray, measuring 7inches in width by 10inches in length.
2. Pyramid cubes are not only fun for toddlers to play with, but they are educational as well. The Boikido Eco-Friendly Wooden 5 Pyramid Cubes are colorful, so they attract the attention of toddlers. The cubes are designed to teach animals, fruits, numbers and vegetables to your little ones.
3. Toddlers love to play outside, so the Green Toys Watering Can Toy is made from 100% recycled plastic and is free of external coatings, phthalates and BPA.
4. What is one thing that little ones love to do? They love to make noise, make music. The Green Tones Papa Bear Glockenspiel features musical bars that kids cannot remove, ensuring their safety. The musical toy measures 13 inches and features sustainable materials.
5. What is better than toddler toys that are not only fun but educational too? That is where the Bloomby My Birthday Cake Wooden Educational Toy features 14 pieces, all made from rubber wood, imported from Thailand.
6. Handmade toys are fun and eco-friendly all at the same time. The Handmade Eco-Friendly Toy Handcrafted Craft Shape Blank Frog is made from beech wood. The fact that it has plain wood allows toddlers to decorate it whichever way they want.
7. The Boikido Eco-Friendly Wooden Activity Board is constructed from natural wood and painted with paints that are water based, as opposed to oil paints. It teaches kids numbers, colors and shapes.
8. Colorful toys that are educational as well are the ideal toys for parents and little ones. The Fajiabao Wooden Magnetic Puzzle Fishing Game comes complete with a game board, two fishing poles and 11 fish.
9. If you are in search of a fun toy for your toddler that is eco-friendly, the Eco-Friendly Ever Earth Solid Base Bead Fun features various colors that little ones can slide around the toy.
10. Little kids love playing with balancing toys, so the ideal choice is the Begin Again Balance Boat Shapes and Colors features colorful colors and shapes along with a wooden tray for storage.

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