Easy Homemade Halloween Costume Ideas for Younger Kids


Easy Homemade Halloween Costume Ideas for Younger Kids

Why spend a lot of cash on a Halloween costume when you can make your own for less. Here are some easy homemade Halloween costume ideas for younger kids.

Easy Homemade Halloween Costume Ideas for Younger Kids

Viking– You will need a long sleeve white shirt, brown pants, two brown toilet seat covers, black leather string, brown boots, brown belt and a Viking helmet. Take one of the toilet seat covers, trim off the elastic and cut a hole in it for the neck. Using the other toilet seat, trim off the elastic, cut it in half and wrap one half around each boot; secure with leather string.

Bag of Jelly Beans– For this unique and creative costume, you will need a large clear plastic bag, miniature balloons in assorted colors, ribbon and a Sharpie. You will need to blow up lots of balloons so use a pump to make things easier, if you have one. Cut two holes in the sides of the bag for the arms and two holes in the bottom for the legs. Using the Sharpie, write the ingredients and calories on the back of the bag. The main ingredients in jelly beans are sugar, corn syrup and starch. Also, one jelly bean equals 4 calories. Once your child is in the bag, fill with balloons and loosely chinch around the neck.

Artist– Your little one will look adorable as the next Picasso. All you need is a bright colored shirt, white smock, paint, beret, paint palette and paint brush. Splatter colorful paint colors on the white smock. Slip it over the colored shirt, add the beret, palette and brush and Picasso has arrived.

Weatherman– For the cutest weatherman in town, you will need blue craft paper, silver craft paper, scissors, safety pins and a kid’s umbrella. Using the silver craft paper, cut out two lightning bolts. Using the blue craft paper, cut out two raindrops. Attach the raindrops and the lightning bolts to a blue shirt.

You may have children that are toddlers and want to take them out for Halloween. Here are some homemade costume ideas for toddlers. If your children are older children, here are some homemade costume ideas for older kids.

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