Easy Homemade Halloween Costume Ideas for Older Kids


Easy Homemade Halloween Costume Ideas for Older Kids

Does it seem like Halloween costumes are getting more and more expensive each year? Why not make your own and save some money at the same time. Here are some easy Halloween costume ideas for older kids.

Easy Homemade Halloween Costume Ideas for Older Kids

Farmer– Famer Jones is in town. For this costume, you will need a cowboy or straw hat, jeans, plaid shirt and boots. That is all you need to transform your child into a farmer this Halloween. You can also add rope to the outfit or a piece of straw in their teeth.

Librarian– For a librarian costume, you need a dark colored skirt, white button-down shirt, cardigan sweater, tights, shoes, round glasses and a book. Put their hair up in bun and they are ready to go!

Fisherman– For a fisherman costume, you will need jeans, outdoorsy type of shirt, rubber boots, fishing hat, fishing pole and tackle box. A cute idea is to roll up the cuffs of the jeans.

Hobo– To create a hobo costume, you need old jeans, flannel shirt, dark makeup, hair conditioner, cardboard and markers. Smudge dark makeup here and there to get the dirty look. Rub some makeup on the shirt and pants as well. Add conditioner to the hair and mess it up. The conditioner will give it a greasy look. On the cardboard, write something like Will Work for Food.

Fortune Teller– A fortune teller costume will need a muumuu, scarf, sandals, bling jewelry, makeup, goldfish bowl, glue and glitter. You can locate a bright colored muumuu or one that has bold and bright patterns. Wrap the scarf around your child’s hair, or you can also use a turban instead. Put on as much makeup as possible and as much bling bling as possible. To make the crystal ball, wipe the interior of the goldfish bowl with glue and liberally sprinkle on the glitter.

If you happen to have children that are toddlers, here are some homemade Halloween Costume Ideas for Toddlers. Younger children also like to dress up for Halloween. Here are some homemade Halloween costume ideas for younger kids.

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