Disney’s Frozen Cake Tutorial



 Disney’s Frozen Cake Tutorial

Don’t let the look of this cake intimidate you!  Surprise that princess in your life a Disney-themed Frozen cake. This beautiful Frozen cake is actually quite simple to make if following these step by step instructions. Read this Disney’s Frozen Cake Tutorial first and discover how simple it really is!


  • 1 large batch of butter cream icing
  • 2 batches of fondant – homemade marshmallow fondant or store bought, ready to use
  • 1 batch royal icing
  • toothpicks
  • vanilla
  • gel food coloring – teal, lavender, black, orange, and brown
  • edible pearls
  • clear crystal cake sprinkles
  • small paint brush
  • small bowls
  • cakes cooled and ready to decorate – 3 8” rounds and 2 6” rounds
  • cake dowels and cake boards
  • piping bag with small round tip and small star tip
  • frosting knife
  • parchment paper
  • rolling pin
  • fondant smoothing tool
  • sharp knife





Place the first 8” round on a cake board and begin stacking and applying a coat of dirty icing until all the 8” rounds are stacked.  The dirty icing or crumb coat is a thin layer of butter cream that seals the crumbs of the cake and prevents them from being noticeable in your frosting.  There should be a generous amount of butter cream between each layer.  Place the 8” stacked cake in the freezer for 20 minutes.


Repeat with the 6” rounds but DO NOT stack them on top of the 8” layer.



While the cakes are chilling in the freezer you will color your fondant.  You’ll need to leave about 1/3 of the fondant white.  Divide the remaining fondant into 2 parts to color the teal and lavender you see in the photos.  You will want a bit more lavender than teal.   Gel food coloring works best for fondant.


Remove the chilled 8” layer from the freezer and add a thin coat of butter cream to the entire cake.

Roll out the lavender fondant out on a large sheet of parchment paper.  You will want it to be slightly less than ¼” thick.  Carefully lift the fondant off of the parchment paper and lay onto the 8” layer cake.  Use your hands and the fondant smoothing tool to gently press and smooth the fondant.  Trim the access fondant from the bottom of the cake.



It is not important for the fondant to be perfectly smooth as you will be adding details and a layer of draped fondant that will help conceal imperfections.

Repeat this same process to cover the 6” layer with the teal fondant.


Cut the cake dowels to the height of your 8” layer cake and carefully insert them into the center of the cake to support the weight of the 6” layer that will sit on top.


Add a small amount of butter cream to the top of the 8” layer cake and stack the 6” teal cake on top.


Roll out a medium size piece of white fondant.  This should be an irregular shape that is slightly taller than it is wide.  Lift this white fondant off the parchment paper and drape it across the top of the 6” layer and down the side of the cake.  You want this to look like a snowy hillside.  It should have wrinkles and folds to help achieve the look.


Fill a piping bag with white royal icing and fit with a star tip.  Pipe along the edges of the draped white fondant and along the bottom of each cake layer.

Change the star tip to the small round tip and begin piping snowflakes and swirls onto the sides of the cake.  These can be very simple and just add a bit of detail.  Edible pearls and clear crystal sprinkles can be used to enhance these details.


Creating Olaf

When making characters or 3D designs from fondant, the key is to imagine you’re a child again and playing with PlayDough!  It really is as simple as that.


To make Olaf, roll fondant in your hands to create 2 balls and squish them slightly to make his feet.  Do the same thing but slightly larger to make the 2 sections of his body.  Make a third ball but squish it into an egg-like shape to make his head.


Stack the pieces of his body together on a toothpick.


Roll small pieces of fondant into “sticks” for his arms and hair.  Wrap these around toothpicks that you’ll later insert into his body and head.


Roll a small cone from fondant for his nose, dots for the coal on his body, and any other details like eyes and smile.


To color these individual pieces you’ll “paint” them with a mix of gel food coloring and vanilla.  This is a great way to add color and details to cakes, cookies, and more.  Simply mix a pea size amount of gel coloring with a few drops of vanilla and stir until dissolved.  The liquid can be applied like paint!  It’s great for writing, adding fine details and so on.  Use the paint to color the coal, carrot nose, twigs, and eyes.   Set each piece aside to dry.

Finish assembling Olaf with the toothpicks and royal icing as glue.  When he is assembled place him on top of the cake!


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  1. Brandi Clevinger

    This is such a cute cake! My daughter’s birthday party is next weekend and she loves Olaf. I wonder if I could master this cake before then. Hmmmm….

    Thanks for sharing at #InspireMeMondays !

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