Becoming a Parent in Your 30’s


Becoming a Parent in Your 30’s

The choice of what age to become a parent is completely a personal choice. Some people  choose to have their children in their 20’s while others choose to wait until they are in their 30’s. Is there a right age and a wrong age as to when you should start having children? No, there isn’t. If you are in your thirties and want to become a parent, you do have some things that are on your side. Here is what you should know about becoming a parent in your 30’s.

Becoming a Parent in Your 30's

Settled in Your Career– It is a sad fact but a good number of employers do not treat women who have children the same as women who do not have children. These employers like to have the mentality that it should always be business as usual with no distractions, no disruptions. Also, if you are in your 30’s, you have gotten most things out of the way like living your life, completing your education, establishing your career and attaining your independence.

More Mature– When you are in your thirties you are more mature than you were in your twenties. In your 20’s, your life may have been centered on hanging out with friends, taking college classes and sleeping until noon. However, now that you are older, you have a much different outlook on life. Now, your life is probably centered on your marriage, your career and your finances.

Older and Healthier– In your earlier years, health may not have been a priority for you. You probably ate what you wanted, when you wanted and exercise was not on your daily list of things to do. Now, you more than likely eat three balanced meals a day, exercising on a regular basis and taking vitamins on a daily basis.

15 thoughts on “Becoming a Parent in Your 30’s

  1. Tammilee Tips

    It is amazing how many different benefits there are of becoming a parent at different times in your life. I think becoming a parent while established in your career could have good and bad benefits to it. This is a great list for becoming a parent in your 30s.

  2. Lynzy

    I think there are pros and cons to having a child in your 30s. My mother had me at 18 and she wasn’t able to further her education but she is a damn good mother, I can tell you that much. We started having children at 27 and I am so glad we did. I want to be able to chase my kids around while they are young and we want quite a few!

  3. Amanda

    No matter what, having a baby at any age is life changing. I had my first son at 28 and my second at 30 and I really didn’t notice a difference in being a mom in my 20s versus my 30s. I was just so happy to have my sweet and healthy baby boys.

  4. kita

    A baby is hard work no matter what age. My mom had me in her mid 30’s and I grew up an old soul she passed away a few years ago but I got so much wisdom from her because she had me at an older age.

  5. Felicita Moncada

    I had my son at 23 years not the plan I wanted but I think when I’m 40 he’ll be 18! I figure I can travel while I’m still at a reasonable age. My mom had me at 17 years old so it definitely was a huge adjustment for her. I’m 30 now and shes 48! They think we’re sisters!

  6. Chelsie

    Having kids is an extremely personal choice and I think that when a person finally makes that choice, it doesn’t really matter what age they are. A lot of my friends have had kids by the time they were 25, but I definitely am not ready for that, so I’m going to wait for a while longer! Maybe when I’m 28!

  7. Katalina @ Peas & Peonies

    I had my first baby when I was 26, but my second one will probably be in my thirties. I so agree that this sis such a beautiful age to have a baby, I find myself more mature, more prepared, my career is more stable so I can just relax and not stress about it. Praying for a healthy baby and healthy mama 🙂

  8. LaShawn

    Motherhood is challenging at any age I think. I did have my son when I was 34 and that was perfect for me. I was not ready to be anyone’s mother before then! But I also know AMAZING mothers who started much longer than me!

  9. Melissa

    I became a parent in my 30’s and I LOVED it. We were more established financially, we were wiser and more mature and I think a little more prepared for the responsibility. It also gave us 7 years before having a child to just be married and a couple and travel and have that time together before we added a child to the mix 🙂 Thanks for these tips on becoming a parent in your 30’s.

  10. Crystal Lopez

    You have provided some really great insight here. Our family began to grow from my 20s on into my 30s. I can acknowledge the difference in myself with the shift in age. Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

  11. Jess Benoit

    We were married and had all of our babies in our 20’s. Now that I am 36, I can’t imagine starting all of that w/in the last 6 years…LOL. But, I do see the benefits, such as being more mature and having different outlooks on life, in your 30’s. Great post!

  12. Stephanie

    These are great benefits to consider. I always thought I would have my children sooner, but now that I am 25, I am getting closer and closer to 30, with no children!

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