An Introduction to a Young Writer- Paris Morris – A Review


I recently had the opportunity to review two books recently published by New Year Publishing and brilliantly written by Paris Morris. Before I get into the review of the books I received, I do want to tell you all about this young writer!

Paris Morris, is a young and I mean, young writer, who resides in the San Francisco Bay Area. She had her first book published when she was ONLY eleven! The focus of her books have been on the birth of her twin sisters, and her family. Paris has traveled to many places and she also has published some travel books that young readers can enjoy. These travel books are full of original illustrations that showcase specific places that Paris has visited.

She is now 14, and her first two books, “I’m Having Twins” and “My Twins are Coming Home” have been bestsellers on Amazon. “My Twins First Birthday” has recently been released on Amazon and it seems that this book will also become a bestseller! Way to go, Paris!

These books are great for baby showers, a gift for siblings, or even a gift from Mom and Dad! Now for the review….

“My Twins First Birthday” is expertly illustrated and starts off with Paris feeling a little left out as she realizes that her twin sisters will be turning one next week. Her spirits suddenly lift as she realizes that she will be helping in the party planning. She travels with her dad to choose the presents and later with her Mom, to buy the birthday gifts. Of course, like most kids, she wants to choose something that is more geared to her age and is a little disappointed when Mom suggests something a little more age appropriate.

She is looking forward to the birthday party as she gets to invite one of her own friends. As the party gets underway, Paris realizes how noisy the house is with the twins and their guests. MORE TWINS! Paris’ grandparents also attended the festivities.

Paris gets a big kick out of how her twin sisters make a mess eating their birthday cake and all the mess of the wrapping paper all over the place when the presents are unwrapped. They all play and frolic at the party and later on Paris realizes how exhausting it is to throw a party!

“My Twins Birthday” is a delightful book for young readers or even for read-a-loud times. It reminds us of the importance of making sure to include older siblings in taking part in the planning and preparation of festivities for their younger siblings. Brilliantly illustrated and a wonderful storyline. A must have book for a child’s book collection.

The other book I received was entitled, “Paris Goes to San Francisco” highlights many of the unique places of interest and things that San Francisco is known for. The illustrations show an adventure on the cable cars, a walk through Union Square, and also of its diversity as they visit Grant Street, Paris compares it to the Chinese New Year’s Parade.

Wonderful depictions of a boat cruise in the bay as they pass Alcatraz, and then walk over the Golden Gate Bridge. Paris also shares her adventure at Pier 39. She tells of the places to shop in San Francisco such as Fisherman’s Wharf, and then visits the Walt Disney Family Museum. A few more adventures are in store for Paris and her family as they tour San Francisco.

This book is also a delightful read. It is a perfect read for bedtime, story-time, or any time for that matter. It is a great book for young children who are traveling to San Francisco, or even those who might not be! They can definitely envision it in their imagination.

I would highly recommend that these book by Paris Morris make their way into your child’s book collection.

These books are available on Amazon or here

Disclaimer: I was sent these two books written by Paris Morris in Kindle format by her publisher. I was under no obligation to post a positive review, nor was I financially compensated for this post.

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  1. Jamie Martin

    Wow! That looks really cool; I think my daughters would love them, especially since they are a few years apart in age.

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