Alice in Wonderland Cake and Tutorial


Alice in Wondetrland Cake and Tutorial

Alice in Wonderland Cake

This adorable cake is next in our series of ideas for an Alice in Wonderland Themed Party.  While it might look challenging to make yourself, our step by step tutorial will make it seem much easier. Follow the instructions in this Alice in Wonderland cake and tutorial so you can make one of your very own.

  Ingredients & Supplies:

  • 3 – 8” round cake layers
  • 3 – 6” round cake layers
  • 3 – 6” round layers of crispy rice cereal treat (Rice Krispie Treats pressed into a 6” round pan, approximately 2” thick)
  • prepared buttercream frosting
  • frosting knife
  • prepared fondant in 2 shades of purple, 2 shades of green, red, yellow, and white.
  • black food coloring
  • vanilla
  • small paint brush
  • fondant smoothing tool
  • fondant roller or silicone rolling pin
  • heart cookie cutter
  • Xacto knife
  • circle cookie cutter – approximately 3” round
  • serrated knife
  • cake dowels
  • plastic wrap


Once cakes and crispy rice cereal treats are cool, you’ll begin stacking and shaping them.

Cover the top of each layer of cake with buttercream and stack the same sizes together.  Do not cover the outside of the cakes at this time.  Frost and  stack the cereal treat rounds the same way.  Place stacked rounds into the freezer for 20-30 minutes.

While the rounds are chilling in the freezer, you can begin rolling out fondant and cutting the detail pieces out.

Roll fondant onto a clean, dry surface covered with powdered sugar.  The powdered sugar keeps the fondant from sticking to the surface.  As you roll, you’ll want to lift and rotate the fondant to also prevent sticking.

Roll out a small amount of red fondant and cut several hearts from it using your cookie cutter.  Set the hearts aside and cover with plastic wrap.  Using the circle cookie cutter, cut 3-4 circles from the red and also set aside.  These will become the “roses”.

Roll out a small amount of white fondant and cut a small rectangle using the Xacto knife.  This will become the hat size tag.  Also use the Xacto Knife to freehand cut the cat’s teeth.  If you do not want to freehand, you can print an image of the Cheshire Cat to use for a template.  Also cut 1 circle with the circle cookie cutter.  This will become part of the roses.

Roll out a small amount of the light purple and cut out the shape of the cat’s face.  Using the scraps of the light purple, pinch together 2 small pieces for the cat’s eyebrows.

Roll out a small amount of the dark purple and cut out the rest of the cat’s smile that will be behind his teeth.  Cut 2 small half circles for his eye lids.  With the remaining rolled out dark purple, cut several stripes for the bottom layer of the cake.

Roll 2 small balls of yellow fondant between your palms to create the eyes of the cat.

Begin assembling the cat’s face so it is ready for placement.  Use a small amount of buttercream to attach the pieces as you layer them together like on our cake.

When you’ve finished piecing the face together, roll a medium size log from the light purple fondant to create the cat’s tail.  Add stripes of the darker purple.  Set aside with the face.

Remove the bottom tier of the cake, made from the 8” rounds, from the freezer.  Using your serrated knife, you’ll begin shaping the cake.  We wanted this cake to have a topsy turvy look so we cut the top of the cake at an angle.  Once the cake was angle cut, we carved out a small area for the next cake tier to sit level.  Frost the entire shaped cake with a thin layer of buttercream.

Roll out enough light purple fondant to cover the bottom cake tier.  Roll the fondant onto your rolling pin and then off onto the cake.  Use the fondant smoothing tool and your hands to carefully smooth the fondant into the butter cream.

Repeat this same process with the 6” round cake tier, using the serrated knife to cut the top at an angle.  You do not need to carve an area for the next tier.  Once the cake is angle cut, frost with buttercream and cover with white fondant.  Carefully stack on top of the purple base tier.

Remove the cereal treat tier from the freezer.  This will become the hat for the top of the cake.  Use your serrated knife to taper the side of the cereal treats so the top is slightly larger than the bottom.  Coat it with buttercream and cover with the light green fondant.  Stack this on top of the white tier.  Carefully insert cake dowels from top to bottom to prevent the cake from shifting.

Now it is time to begin adding the details to the cake.  Start by covering the bottom tier with the dark purple stripes you prepared earlier and then add the cat’s face.  Attach pieces with buttercream.  Lay the cat’s tail around the base of the cake.

Attach the red hearts to the white layer using buttercream.  They should be randomly spaced.

Roll a strip of red fondant approximately 2” wide and 16” long.  Use your fingers to pinch and ruffle the fondant as you lay it around the base of the hearts tier.  Layer the 2 red circles together and pinch from the bottom center to create a flower.  Repeat until your circles are gone, creating a couple of flowers from red and white circles.  Place the flowers to one side of the hearts tier.

Roll a very thick strip of fondant from the dark green.  This will become the brim of the hat so it should be quite thick.  Use the Xacto Knife to cut the edges straight, transfer it to the base of the green hat tier.  Carefully shape it to form the brim of the hat.

Roll strip of dark green fondant approximately 4” wide and 16” long to create the sash for the hat.  As you place the piece around the hat, carefully pinch it together to create pleats and allow it to drape around the hat.  Use a small amount of buttercream to attach the white hat tag to the front of the hat.

For the final details, mix a small amount of black food coloring with vanilla.  Use your paint brush to add the whiskers, pupils, and brows to the cat.  Use the same mixture to paint the hat size onto the hat tag.
ALICE in Wonderland themed cake and tutorial

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    Love this and the step-by-step tutorial is so much more helpful since it looks intimidating to make! I love Alice in Wonderland and that was our theme for my daughter’s 1st birthday…wish I knew how to make this cake then! Pinning this and sharing, thanks. 🙂

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