Learn What to Do When Your Adult Kids Move Back Home

Learn What to Do When Your Adult Kids Move Back Home


Learn What to Do When Your Adult Kids Move Back Home


You raised your child, sent them off to college and finally thought you were going to get some peace and quiet right? Well, for many parents this peace and quiet is often short lived because their adult child have hit a rough patch. Most of them will Some parents may see this as a negative thing, it really doesn’t have to be. By laying down some ground rules, everyone can live under one roof happily. Learn what to do when your adult kids move back home by reading more of the article.

They are not going sleep till noon and play video games all day.  Make it clear to your adult child that sitting around all day doing absolutely nothing is not going to be an option for them. They aren’t going to sleep all morning and play video games all afternoon. Hopefully, they have some kind of job but if they don’t, they should be out looking for one each and every day.

Let Them Do For Themselves


You are not going to be their personal chef- Every time your adult child is hungry; you are not going to be their own personal chef. They are old enough to cook for themselves or they pretty much go hungry. If you want them to be part of the family dinner table, have them contribute by cooking once or twice a week or give you money towards the grocery bill.

They are things you will not tolerate- If they have any bad habits they are bringing with them, tell them to leave them at the front door before they come in. Let them know you will not tolerate drinking, smoking or drugs on the premise whatsoever. If you allow smoking but only outside, make that clear to them.

Set Deadlines


At some point, you are going to have to set a deadline as to how long they can live with you. Now, if things aren’t working out or they aren’t following your rules, you have the right to shorten this deadline. If you are stressed either financially or emotionally by the living arrangement, it may be time for them to move out.

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